Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 432 Issue Date: 23 Apr, 2017

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          One Hundred Years of Anzac

There' s a hundred years of ANZAC in all of us

It's that fighting Aussie spirit that's in us all.

We' re the sons of those diggers who fought for us

We are the daughters of those who died on foreign soil


We are your daughters and we carry on your valour.

We are your sons and we carry on your strengths

Your DNA is passed on through each of us

We are moulded from that soldier in the trench.


There's no words to let you know all my sorrows

There' s no words I can say to show my praise

100 years ago you gave up your tomorrows

So that we could all live out our todays


Because of you I like to go and play some two-up

It' s why I stop and help a mate or just say "G' Day"

Because of you I never falter, I never give up

A hundred years of ANZAC is in my DNA


I stand by my mates when there is trouble

Like you did in those trenches, for our peace

Like you did at the Nek amongst the rubble

In New Guinea, the Western Front, the Middle East.


A hundred years it's a long time in the making

But you don't get perfection in just one day

Like a baker, he puts his time into the baking

So too we took 100 years to be this way.


At Gallipoli you fell and you died a hero

When you charged that fateful charge at the Nek

Certain death was awaiting, and you cared zero

But you forged us in your mould by your death


There' s a hundred years of ANZAC in all of us

It's that fighting Aussie spirit, it's in us all

I thank you for that spirit that you gave us

And this Country you defended for us all.



© David J. (Gags) Gallagher 2015


Lyle Favas

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