Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 302 Issue Date: 26 Oct, 2014

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An Adventurous Life

The club was addressed by Geoff Negus at a recent meeting. Geoff is well known to club members as he is a regular stallholder at our monthly markets.

His subject was genealogy , but he concentrated more on the adventures he had during his search for answers on his ancestry and the origins of his name. Being a very ‘hands on’ man, plus the fact that the internet was in its infancy, lead him on his own search that took him to Oman, Ethiopia and Eritrea. He did not locate any living relatives, but found that NEGUS means Emperor and he therefore feels justified in claiming a familial relationship with the late Emperor, Haile Selassie. The photographs above show the two eminent gentlemen. Geoff is easy to identify, but who is the bloke in the white cap?

Geoff’s talk was extremely interesting and entertaining and while his descriptions of the countryside he travelled through were vivid and evocative it does appear that he prefers to remember the beautiful women he met, and he glossed-over being caught up in a riot and an excursion to locate the Arc of The Covenant!

Geoff is a quiet man, almost self-effacing, so it was an absolute revelation to see the adventurous side of him and to hear him speak quietly and confidently of his experience. I am sure that many in the audience were thinking… I wish I had done that.”

A ghost from Geoff’s past came back to haunt him at the meeting, in the form of an ex- TAFE lecturer (a club member) who just happened to have with him a couple of Geoff’s report cards from his apprenticeship days as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Actually, the reports were quite positive and described a dedicated young man working steadily toward his goals and were certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

Lyle Favas


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