Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 402 Issue Date: 25 Sep, 2016

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Rotary club of Mundaring Changeover Night

On 25 June 2016 the Rotary Club of Mundaring held its change over night and made a night of it by inducting five new members, awarding four additional sapphire pins as well as inducting our new President.

Clockwise from the bottom the photographs show Rotarian Bill Milburn reading the riot act to the incoming members. From the left they are Michelle Ford, Dee Potts, Mark Potts, Eva Peacock, Allan Peacock, Colleen Ross and Jackie Ryan (of these Mark and Eva were there to support their spouses, but we will be working on them). Inducting these five new members lifts our membership to 31, ten of whom are ladies (making 32%). This, we are told, is just a whisker short of the average percentage for Rotary clubs worldwide.

The second photo shows the recipients of sapphire pins to their PHFs. Left to right they are Lyle Favas (PHF +2), Rod Pavy (PHF+2), Rod Warnock (PHF+1) and David Brockway (PHF+5).

The final photo depicts the reason for the night. It shows DGE Patricia Canning conducting the ‘feather dustering’ of David and the elevation of Jim Morgan to President for 2016-2017.

Congratulations to all, particularly to David for his work and dedication throughout his term as President and his fifth sapphire pin.



Lyle Favas

Meeting Rosters
International Toast
Toast Master
28 Sep, 16
Geoff Francis
Jackie Ryan
Mark Williamson
Lyle Favas
Lorna Allen
Mike Bacon
05 Oct, 16
Peter Schelfhout
Marjorie Beamish
Mark Williamson
Tim Norrish
Ron Wiggins
Allan Peacock
12 Oct, 16
Leigh Thompson
Dee Potts
Mark Williamson
Lyle Favas
Leslie Stratford
Rudi Hanich
19 Oct, 16
Linda Thompson
Rod Warnock
Mark Williamson
Michelle Ford
Greg Scrivener
Rod Pavy
26 Oct, 16
Bill Milburn
David Brockway
Mark Williamson
Geoff Francis
Colleen Ross
Dick Johnston
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