Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 369 Issue Date: 7 Feb, 2016

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Rotary Club of Mundaring Rebound Arrives

In the recent contingent of returning Rotary Exchange Students to arrive home was a very happy Craig Ford, who has just spent a year in Spain. As pleased as he was to be home and to greet friends and family he reported that he had many wonderful experiences, which he will not soon forget.

Craig is pictured above standing between his mother, Michelle, and Oliver our current exchange student. The other people are family members, grand parents, father (Keith) and brother. Also pictured are the representatives of the club who turned out to greet him Claire and David Brockway and Geoff Francis.

Welcome Home Craig!

Lyle Favas

Meeting Rosters
International Toast
Toast Master
10 Feb, 16
Leslie Stratford
Lorna Allen
Mark Williamson
Peter Schelfhout
Mark Williamson
17 Feb, 16
Geoff Francis
Nicky Scrivener
Mark Williamson
Bill Milburn
Tim Norrish
24 Feb, 16
Linda Thompson
Jim Morgan
Mark Williamson
Rudi Hanich
Rod Warnock
02 Mar, 16
Leigh Thompson
Sue Reid
Mark Williamson
Jan Milburn
Nicky Scrivener
09 Mar, 16
Peter Pelham
Ken Moore
Mark Williamson
Linda Thompson
Greg Scrivener
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