Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 306 Issue Date: 23 Nov, 2014

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No Rod, it won’t hurt!

At a recent club meeting our newest and youngest member, Fraser Davey, gave the members a lesson on the use of  social media in order to propel us into the 21st century.

At the beginning of the lesson Fraser had a full head of hair as can be seen in the photo above as he explains to Rod and Ken the technique of finding and operating the ‘On’ button of a laptop computer. However, at the end of the night his hair was somewhat depleted and he had developed a nervous twitch, along with the beginnings of a half-way decent drinking habit.

Actually it was a very instructive evening, with most of us coming away with at least the fear and trepidation factor reduced to the point where we are prepared to give it a go and make use of the Facebook account Fraser has set up for the club.

Congratulations Fraser, you have started us on the pathway to the 21st century! Now, if all the predictions we have been given over the past five years are true, we will be knocking back young potential members with a stick.

Lyle Favas


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