Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 385 Issue Date: 29 May, 2016

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A Rotary Information Night

A very successful Rotary Information Night was held by the club recently. Our Membership Director, Bill Milburn, asked members to invite friends, relatives and acquaintances to the club meeting and to hear what Rotary is about.

After a half hour of mingling, Bill gave a brief introduction to the guests and welcomed them to the club. He explained the ethos and purpose of Rotary and some of its history, he then asked several directors to explain what their committees did and how they fitted into the structure of the club and what had been achieved in the recent past. Each guest was given a ‘show bag’ comprising Rotary information, including recent issues of our magazine Rotary Down Under.

As part of the proceedings Bill inducted two new members, Marjorie Beamish and Dick Johnston. Dick and his wife Thom are shown in the left hand photograph above, and Marjorie in the right hand one.

The evening concluded with more mingling, during which guests were encouraged to ask questions of the club members. Members ensured that if they could not answer a question, that they introduced the guest to a member who could.

This was a very successful night with six or eight guests expressing interest in coming along to regular meetings to find out more and with a view to joining us in due course. All of the guests expressed surprise at the scope of ‘What Rotary Does’, saying that they had no idea that Rotary did such a huge number of good works locally and world-wide.

Well done Bill!

Lyle Favas

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