Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Mundaring - Issue No.: 406 Issue Date: 23 Oct, 2016

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Dee Potts & Muhoozi Oscar

One of the newest members of the Rotary Club of Mundaring, Dee Potts, has recently returned from Uganda where she spent several weeks at the home she started for Ugandan children in the village of Nakiwate. This home is the subject of the Ugandan Pearls Inc. Project of which we are the sponsoring club in their application to become an R.I. project in 2016.

While there Dee met up with Muhoozi Oscar, who will be studying to become a surgeon at the Kampala International University and presented him with the textbooks he needs to start his studies and a laptop computer. These invaluable tools were generously donated by another of our new members, Jackie Ryan. The photographs above leave no doubt that young Oscar was delighted with these gifts.

Oscar’s academic achievements to date have seen him qualify for a 40% scholarship by the university for the term of his studies. So, along with the assistance Oscar is receiving from the RC of Mundaring, Ugandan Pearls Inc. and a Ugandan doctor of Mulago Hospital Kampala shown in the first photograph above, his fees and requirements were completely covered for him to start his first semester in September.

His commitment to his studies and chosen career, as well as his desire to be a part of change for Uganda, all bode well for his successful completion and graduation and for a change making career in medicine.


Lyle Favas

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